Monday, January 28, 2013


Time is flying by, and I don't have much to show for it. I spent a week in the hospital, and I had sinus surgery last Monday. I have been home for a week now, and things are still healing. I felt pretty good in Saturday and did some cleaning around the house. Yesterday, I felt awful and slept a lot of the day. Then, I couldn't sleep all night.  This morning came awfully quickly.

I am feeling more normal today.  It could be day 1 without pain pills.  I also polished off my last antibiotic this morning.  The taper with steroids will start in a day or two.  I am in the road to good health. I restarted my diet this morning. Espen went for a short walk outside with me for 20 minutes and I finished. That was pretty exciting. I probably went about a mile. I was thinking I could try to do 2 walks a day to get my blood moving.  It felt good to be outside and get a little sun on my face. It has been a long while since I was outside.

Sofie is doing really good. She is real happy I am back home. She has been mostly gentle with my face avoiding contact wherever she could bash me.  She is a really good, happy girl.  I love her sweetness (you know - when she isn't being naughty).  I can't believe how she is growing.  In a couple week s, I swear she grew 2 inches. None of her 3s are long enough and even the 4's are short.   We bought her a bigger pair of shoes a couple weeks ago, and I think she has just about grown out of those too.  Crazy.

So, things are moving slowly, but they are moving.  I am dreaming about gardening.

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