Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Temper temper temper

The word "temper" is funny.

Its first meaning, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is "to make something less severe or extreme." I temper my eggs slowly with hot liquid to ensure that they do not cook too quickly when I make brownies, Hollandais or souffle.  Its second meaning is "the tendency of someone to become angry".  Sofie's temper could fry an egg in a second if I could measure the heat.  She is really feeling put out with us lately.  Her best friend has just moved to Brazil, and I am wondering if this is a side effect.  I am told it is still normal for 4-year-old's to have violent fits of temper (and I have seen grown-ups do this too).  I just don't like it much when it is directed at me.  I am walking on the tightrope already!

Learning how to manage to get what you want through your behavior is a tough sell at the moment. 

We survived the social worker's visit.  We had a follow up last Friday, and Sofie went all silent on us.  I hope the social worker believes that she can talk!  I haven't seen the final report yet, but I am hoping it will be good.  We have made huge progress this year with Sofie including night time potty training, sleep location, vocabulary, fine motor skills, and pre-reading skills to mention a few.  Also she grew a few inches and is a healthy girl.  The nice thing about having to do a yearly update to China is that we get to review all our pictures, pick the best ones, and print them out on actual photo paper.  We get to relive a lot of memories that way.  If I were craftier, it would make sense to make a photo book or something that contains the best ones with comments so we remember these things.  Maybe the hubby would be interested?

My infinite spare time is up.  Have a great one.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Coming up on 2 years

November marks the 2 year anniversary of our forever family with Sofie.  We have come so far.

Last night, I was feeling blue about a few things, and our little Sofie sensed it and turned the tables on me.  She sang, "I love you so much, I love you so much, I can't even tell you how much I love you... You're special to me, your're special to me, I'm so glad to have you as part of my world..." (Barbara Milne - http://www.amazon.com/I-Love-You-So-Much/dp/B0040PV2TE)  

I have been singing that song to Sofie almost every day for 2 years. I sing it in the morning when she wakes up along with "Good Morning to You". I sing it in the evening before she goes to sleep (along with "Mamma loves the baby" and "Wo ai ni".  We sing it when she is sad, and now she sings it right back to me to get the message across.  It was so heart warming and it made me feel better.

She has changed our lives inexplicably so much, and I am so blessed with every day with her.  She is so kind and sweet and loving and thoughtful and playful and so many other things.

I wanted this blog to also inlcude a time capture of what was happening in our lives at this time, so I am going to add a few fun facts about where she is...

Sofie can ...
- Count to 39
- Write all her letters
- Sing all the words to Katy Perry's song "Roar"
- Swing almost over the bar by her own energy
- long jump 5 feet
- high jump 2 feet
- pirouette 2 times
- jump from a deep squat
- throw a ball 20 yards
- read "mommy loves sofie" "sofie loves daddy"
- complete the full choreography & song to Sophia the 1st's "I'm not ready to be a princess"
- build lego palaces
- blow bubbles
- make sounds with the flute and the oboe
- make up songs with her own lyrics and remember them
- season meat/pork chops and popcorn
- stir cookie dough without getting flour all over the place
- sweep the floors
- clean her room/make her bed/clean woodwork
- cook imaginary banquets
- make up stories
- direct plays
- act as the leader and the "caboose"
- ride a bike/scooter

Sofie was a lady bug for Halloween and charmed everyone on the block to give her candy.

She is a super special kid.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.