Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Temper temper temper

The word "temper" is funny.

Its first meaning, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is "to make something less severe or extreme." I temper my eggs slowly with hot liquid to ensure that they do not cook too quickly when I make brownies, Hollandais or souffle.  Its second meaning is "the tendency of someone to become angry".  Sofie's temper could fry an egg in a second if I could measure the heat.  She is really feeling put out with us lately.  Her best friend has just moved to Brazil, and I am wondering if this is a side effect.  I am told it is still normal for 4-year-old's to have violent fits of temper (and I have seen grown-ups do this too).  I just don't like it much when it is directed at me.  I am walking on the tightrope already!

Learning how to manage to get what you want through your behavior is a tough sell at the moment. 

We survived the social worker's visit.  We had a follow up last Friday, and Sofie went all silent on us.  I hope the social worker believes that she can talk!  I haven't seen the final report yet, but I am hoping it will be good.  We have made huge progress this year with Sofie including night time potty training, sleep location, vocabulary, fine motor skills, and pre-reading skills to mention a few.  Also she grew a few inches and is a healthy girl.  The nice thing about having to do a yearly update to China is that we get to review all our pictures, pick the best ones, and print them out on actual photo paper.  We get to relive a lot of memories that way.  If I were craftier, it would make sense to make a photo book or something that contains the best ones with comments so we remember these things.  Maybe the hubby would be interested?

My infinite spare time is up.  Have a great one.

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