Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Year of the Horse is coming ...

Funnily enough, the headline for the "Year of the Horse" today is -- "Conflict, disaster to gallop in with the new Chinese Year of the Horse".

I know the new year doesn't start until Saturday, but this month has been a month of crazy.

The new project I transferred to in September got cancelled on Jan 2.  I was scrambling to find a job within the company before they failed to recognize my value (*phew* - I officially have a job since yesterday).

I had an allergic reaction to allergy shots OR had an undiagnosed reaction to something else which caused me to struggle breathing for a few weeks.  It is getting closer to getting better.  I might attempt another round on Friday, depending on how brave I feel.

Last week...
My husband got a terrible ear infection & his ear exploded with goo.  We are still struggling to get him better.

Someone rear ended me (I am ok. Have some whiplash and the car is scraped), and I was narrowly almost hit again (same day; different potential accident; I wasn't the driver).  I was leaning on the horn for the 2nd one.  The same day a cup spontaneously combusted in my hand and drenched me.  I have a secret suspicion that the commonality in all of these things was the dress I was wearing, but I am not sure about that one.

I got a call that it was the end for my grandma and, oh, btw, we think your dad is dying.  Come home ASAP.  I did go home.  Grandma could be at the end, and Dad has since been diagnosed with something he can recover from (thankfully).

When you read about depression, they always ask about a change (job, illness, accident, etc.). Typically they happen one at a time and not all at once.  I have been a bit of a wreck.  Sofie is a sweetie, and she brings me flowers (or acorns or leaves of grass) every chance she can get.  The hubby has been as supportive as can be expected when you are sick.  I just feel like I am living on the edge of a ravine and things are precarious.

I keep breathing (most of the time).  It has been hard to do anything in a routine way, because every day brings forth new challenges (and crazy).

I had intended to write about the amazing Sofie and chronicle her adventures, and yet here I am documenting a glimpse of my hell week. I gained 8 pounds too.

I guess we just keep functioning and trying to manage the crazy we can manage. I am still looking for the silver lining in everything.

I am glad we have our little girl. She makes us laugh.  She wore glasses, a tiara, a necklace and bracelet made of pipe cleaners this morning to school (Princess Ariel).  That's all I know.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bicycle built for 2

Santa brought the best present ever to our house this Christmas - an attachment to make my bike a tandem bike!  It is called a WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer, and it is amazing.  I am relatively unskilled with tools, though I can follow assembly instructions pretty well.  I do have a lack of tools in the garage though - I have a couple screw drivers, an adjustable wrench, and a hammer.  Anyway, in about an hour, I was able to transform my bike into a multiple person machine.

Sofie was going absolutely bananas while I was putting it together because she was SO EXCITED to go on a bike ride with mommy!

Once we finally had everything connected & checked by my neighbor, the engineer, Sofie and I went for a test ride.  She got on first (in the back) and then I got ready to get started.  We established our language for "all systems go" confirmation, and we started to move! I got about 75 yards, and Sofie shouted "Stop! Stop! Stop!".  I pulled over, and she told me that she wouldn't go any farther.  She was scared.

We talked it through.  I promised I would take care of her and that it would be ok.  She said she was scared.  I asked her if I had ever let her down & not taken care of her ( I know - risky question for a 4 year old who has temper tantrums still a few times per week), and she said no.  I asked her if she trusted me, and I said yes.  I reassured her we would only go around the block, and she gave me confirmation we could go again.

So... we made it all the way around the block.  Once we were in the driveway, she jumped of the bike, soared into the sky with her hands in the air and whooped "I'M AAAAALLLLIIIIVVVVVVEE".  My neighbor and I had a great laugh.  It was so surprising.  Who knew that she had an idea of life and death?!

Since then, we have gone on many rides on the amazing Houston bike trail system (who knew?!).  It is awesome.  If you like to ride, and you want to bring your pre-schooler, this is the solution.  And it wears them out if you ride long enough!  (and it is an amazing workout for you, because you are carrying an extra 65-80 pounds!).