Saturday, October 5, 2013

Birthdays and stuff

It's my mom's birthday today and I am missing her. I know the time will go fast with Sofie and I spend time imagining what life will be like when she is thirty-something. Will she live on the same continent or will she be jet setting like I am today? Will she have a family or will the career come first? What will life be like in 30-something years? What jobs will there be at that time? It is fun to ponder as I am making strategic plans at work for the next 10 years...

Life has been good. I went to Paris for my new job last week and things were fine with her while I was gone. She has been a bit clingy since I got back but so have I.  Everything is changing with my life at work, and I am still trying to figure out the work-life-mom-balance thing.  She continues to be a huge joy in my life. I love her light.

I got some really good news at the doctor this week - It seems like I am mostly recovered from the illness that started about 12 months ago. I have to not get a cold/flu and stay well, but my lungs have recovered so much. The second surgery also seems to have kept things free and clear so far.  I hope to be done with this stuff by the end of the year.

Hope all is well where you are.