Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Norge Ho!

We have been on a family vacation and it has been lovely for a change in scenery.  I love being able to interact with Sofie throughout the day.  I have gotten to see her playing with other children as well which has been lovely to interact since the hubby handles most of the day to day stuff with her.

She approaches new people with confidence and hopes to be their best friend immediately.  She has become especially attached to a 7 year old who lives across the street from where we are staying, and they became best friends immediately.  The girl across the street gave Sofie a bicycle to ride on (in addition to the scooter & the swings that were immediately available to the duo).  It is a blessing when 2 people come together at any age and have an instant connection,

It has been a pleasure to see Sofie interact with family and cousins, and she belongs with them.

We have also gotten to play with the children of some of our favorite family friends, and it is wonderful to see the children together.  I wish we could be closer year round so the kids could interact and have an actual relationship too.

The weather has been surprisingly good considering where we are... The first year I lived here officially, it rained 365 days in a row.  It is warm and sunny at present.  I am lucky enough to have visited one of my good girl friends who I had lost touch with in recent years.  It is like not a day has passed.

I am so grateful that there are these magical people in life who can be your friend at every stage in life.  Despite not talking every day, we still have an energy together and can appreciate the highs and lows together.  I love it.

Part of me wants to move here, despite the weather & food situation.  I love that children still play in the streets.  I love the sense of family all around.  I do struggle with the language a bit, but I think this would improve in time.  I have been thinking about what type of role I would want to do in order to be the best me. The hubby has been ecstatic since we got here, the happiest I have seen him in a long time, and I would love for him to feel that joy every day.  It would be such a relief to have everyone be happy.

These options are spinning around in my head, and I never know what to choose.  Hopefully the right answers will come to me soon.