Monday, April 6, 2015

Sick Kid - #microblogmondays

It's Monday and my baby woke up hysterically crying, coughing and not interested in eating her daily oatmeal. It was definitely not a normal morning but she didn't have a fever so we sent her to school.

At 1:30 the school called and said she just wasn't feeling well, didn't have a fever and could we come pick her up. I was ready to drop everything and rush home but my hubby called back within 5 minutes and told me he had it.

I get home at 6 and she is still coughing and has a 100.3 degree fever. My poor baby. She never gets sick. Ever. Even when she had the flu before Christmas she bounces around like a maniac and fools the best of doctors.

She is lying listlessly on the couch. I am trying to snuggle and decontaminate at the same time.  Oof.

Feel better, Little Bit.


  1. Oh no -- I hope she feels better soon.

  2. We've had a winter of non-stop colds here. Hubby is home today with Petite nursing her during this particular one. Oh my. It's hard when little ones are unwell... you never know quite how to make it all go away for them, do you? Fingers crossed she is on the mend soon. Poor baby.