Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas is in the air

We had a great Thankgiving with my parents in town.  In the 36 hours they were here, we managed to have Thankgiving dinner, watch "The Croods" twice, get allergy shots, eat at El Tiempo, do every attraction at The Aquarium, and tour the Zoo Lights extravanganza... oh, and eat more turkey.  And did I mention we played our Christmas soundtrack?  I couldn't wait.  Oh, and we started the Gingerbread house for Christmas.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the season of Christmas has finally arrived.

We spent the weekend putting up Christmas decorations.  This is the first year where Sofie really kind-of knows what is going on.  She doesn't have a good sense of time yet and wants everything to happen tomorrow though.  "Mommy, is Christmas tomorrow?"

She has definitely been involved in getting things ready.  She finished up decorating a ginger bread house, watched it sparkle and is eating the ginger bread house covertly.

We (I) watched Home Alone to get in the mood for decorating... and started on the tree.  She found the first ornament she made us at school (a pinecone with red glitter and her name on it) and insists it doesn't belong on the tree (It is hers).  She helped me hang lots of ornaments and icicles.

Then I moved on to White Christmas to finish up.

We unpacked lots of things together & she set them on shelves.  We have so much stuff suddenly.  Wow.  I remember when I had a mini tree and 2 ornaments.

Our elf, Toodles, is back on patrol at the house, cataloging her every move (to her disappointment).  When she has been acting up, we start talking to Toodles, and that makes her even more crazy.  Eventually she calms down and apologizes to us, Toodles, and asks that we tell Toodles everything is ok.  I am kind of enjoying Toodles' visit to be honest.  Little eyes have a way of checking up on the shelf to see if he is watching before doing questionable things.

The hubby has been quite inspired by my Christmas-itis and embarked on a Griswold-friendly adventure with lights, trees,  bushes, wreathes and garland.  I am interested to see what the electric bill will be like... It looks awsome but the fuse keeps blowing...

Happy holidays.  I will keep you posted.