Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's been awhile

We have been home about a month now together, and things are mostly good.

The trip to Norway was super. It was so nice to have mild weather & see family and friends.  We all had a blast. The weather was good, and there's so much for kids to do in Norway. There was a secret underworld for children that was hidden until we had one of our own.

Coming home, back to normal, was a transition for all of us.  Sofie has acquired some naughty habits (from Norway & school & vacation parenting?) in the last couple months. We are trying to get her to behave better.  The whining & tantrums, when they happen, are epic.  She is stubborn enough to cry for 3 hours in a row at night because she isn't getting what she wants.  But we adore her, and the rest of the time she is so fun.

Her language skills continue to develop and she says the most remarkable things. I am trying to think of an example but am drawing a blank. There are just some times when she talks, she uses huge words in the right context (or not the simple English version - like the difference between to see and to spot. 

My massage/ayervedic  therapist thinks it is all the gunk working its way out. I have been on a rigorous workout/lifestyle adjustment since February and as things get cleaned out, she thinks my lungs will clear out too.

I had my first 2 hour fascia massage on Friday, and it was a booger. I have never hurt so bad in so many places in my life.  However, afterwards, I saw stuff clearing out of me, and I feel at peace. I will keep doing them.

Yesterday, I tweaked my good knee (felt like rubber band snapped on the outside of my knee) while working out. It is swollen and hurts when I stand/walk for long periods of time. I am hoping it is a little sprain. I would hate to be derailed from the fitness plan. I am down like 20 pounds since February, and I need to keep them off plus more. Crossing fingers.

We are looking forward to fireworks on the 4th. Also a family friend is coming to stay with us for almost a month in July, and last Sofie and I will head to the windy city to see family at the end of the month. I love having things to look forward to all summer.

Also, the gym has been a source of joy for me.  The people there are really friendly and social, and it has been really fun to engage. Once I left university, it felt hard to find and make new friends with all the job/location changes, and I have met a fun group of people I get to see almost every day and I really enjoy it.  And working out is pretty challenging too. I feel like I DO something every day.  If you are in Houston and want to hear more, please let me know.

Oh, and they think I am like 29 which is super fun too.

Anyway, have a great one!

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